Phrasal Verbs With RUN in English

English Phrasal Verbs With RUN, run along, run down, run on, run after, run over, run across, run around, run away, run into, run against;

phrasal verbs with run in english

Run along

Definition: to tell sb to go away

Example Sentence Run along now, childrenI’m busy.


Run down

Definition: to decline in number or size

Example SentenceThe battery has run down it needs recharging.


Run on

Definition: to continue without interruption

Example SentenceThe discussion ran on for hours.


Run over

Definition: to look at quickly

Example SentenceWe‘ll just run over the main points again.


Run around

Definition: to be very busy doing lots of things

Example SentenceThe child ran around all day in the garden


Run against

Definition: to oppose towards sb or sth

Example SentenceLuck was really running against you yesterday!


Run into

Definition: to be very busy doing lots of things

Example SentenceI’ve run into a difficulty with the project.


Run away

Definition: to leave a place or sb

Example SentenceThe prisoners ran away from the prison.


Run across

Definition: to meet or to find unexpectedly

Example SentenceI ran across some old friends at the party.


Run after

Definition: to chase

Example SentenceWhy do dogs run after cats?