Phrasal Verbs with GET in English

Phrasal Verbs with GET in English, get along, get down, get ahead, get over, get around, geth through, get away, get across, get out, get after, get out of, get up,  get in, get off, get together, get behind, get back, get on;

Phrasal Verbs with GET in English

Phrasal Verbs with GET in English

Get along

Definition: to have a friendly relationship

Example SentenceIt’s impossible to get along with her.


Get down (to)

Definition: to give serious atttention

Example SentenceLet’s get down to work.


Get ahead

Definition: to be success

Example SentenceHe wants to get ahead in his career.


Get over

Definition: to overcome

Example SentenceHow would you get over that problem?


Get around

Definition: to visit lots of places

Example Sentence: It’s quite easy to get around London.


Get through

Definition: to be connected by phone

Example SentenceI tried to call her but couldn’t get through.


Get (sb) down

Definition: to make sb feel sad

Example Sentence: When my work gets me down, I want to resign.


Get away

Definition: to escape from sb/sth

Example SentenceShe‘ll get away from work as soon as she can.


Get across

Definition: to make sb understand

Example Sentence: Your meaning didn’t really get across.


Get out

Definition: to become known

Example Sentence: I don’t want it to get out that I’m leaving.


Get after

Definition: to pursue

Example SentenceThe police got after the crooks in the city.


Get into

Definition: to become interested in sth

Example SentenceI ‘m getting into politics  nowadays.


Get on

Definition: to have a good relationship

Example SentenceShe gets on everone.


Get back

Definition: to return to a place

Example SentencePlease, give me a call when you get back.


Get behind

Definition: to fall into arrears

Example Sentence: If you get behind in your car payments, the car may be repossessed.


Get together

Definition: to meet socially

Example Sentence: We usually get together once a week.


Get off

Definition: to leave a place

Example SentenceWe will get off at 8 o’clock.


Get in

Definition: to enter a car,train,etc.

Example SentenceI’m inviting you to get in the car.


Get up

Definition: to stand up

Example Sentence: I got up from the chair and opened the door.


Get out of

Definition: to avoid

Example SentenceThe only way of getting out of housework is to be ill.