Phrasal Verbs PUT in english

English Phrasal Verbs with PUT, put up with, put on, put down, put out, put in, put through, put off, put by, put across, put away;

phrasal verbs put in english

Put up with

Definition: to tolerate

Example Sentence I can’t put up with it any longer.


Put on

Definition: to wear

Example Sentence She put on a new pair of nylon socks.


Put down

Definition: to write

Example SentencePut down your name in capitals.


Put out

Definition: to stop burning

Example SentenceIt took two hours to put out the fire


Put in

Definition: to apply for sth

Example SentenceI decided to put in for a job as deputy secretary.


Put through

Definition: to connect sb by phone

Example SentenceHe asked to be put through to Charley Lunn.


Put off

Definition: to delay

Example SentenceNever put off until tomorrow what you can do today.


Put by

Definition: to save money

Example SentenceTry to put by a little bit each week


Put across

Definition: to explain sth clearly

Example SentenceHe was trying to put across a serious point


Put away

Definition: to clean up, to tidy

Example SentencePut away any valuable or breakable objects.