Phrasal Verbs With CUT in English

English Phrasal Verbs With CUT, definitions and example sentences, cut back, cut off, cut down, cut in, cut across, cut out, cut up, cut through, cut into;

phrasal verbs with cut in english

Cut back

Definitions; to reduce

Example SentencesThe Government will cut back on defence spending.


Cut off

Definitionsto remove by cutting

Example SentencesHe cut off all the overhanging branches in the garden.


Cut down

Definitionsto use less of sth

Example SentencesI’m trying to cut down on sugar.


Cut out

Definitionsto stop working

Example SentencesThere are two enginesOne of them cut out yesterday.


Cut up

Definitionsto cut into pieces

Example SentencesMy mother cut up the onionand put them in the pot.


Cut through

Definitionsto go through by cutting

Example SentencesWe cut through the solid rock to build the tunnel .


Cut across 

Definitionsto make a shorter route

Example SentencesIf I cut across the field, it’ll save time.


Cut into

Definitionsto shortening into parts or to make sth smaller

Example Sentences;  Knives easily cut into the cake.


Cut in

Definitions; to interrupt

Example SentencesWhen you cut in on our conversation, we were talking.