Phrasal Verbs – SET

Phrasal Verbs – SET, phrasal verbs with set in english, set about, set back, set down, set on, set upon, set in, set aside, set to, set up, set off, set forth;

Phrasal Verbs Set in English

Set about

Definition: to begin doing sth

Example Sentence: She set about studying.


Set back

Definition:to delay sth or sb

Example Sentence: The government will set back the reforms.


Set down

Definition: to write

Example Sentence: The rules for service have been set down.


Set on/upon sb

Definition: to attack sb

Example Sentence: He was set on by vicious dog.


Set in

Definition: to take root, start and continue

Example Sentence: The rainy season has set in.


Set aside

Definition: to keep sth available for a purpose

Example Sentence: We set aside some money for repairs.


Set to

Definition: to start working or dealing with something

Example Sentence: If they all set to, they should be able to finish.


Set up

Definition: to place or to build sth

Example Sentence: The travelers set up a camp on the river bank.


Set off

Definition: to initiate sth working

Example Sentence: Someone set off a fire extinguisher.


phrasal verbs set in english

Definition: to start a journey

Example Sentence: They set forth on their travels in early June.