Prepositional Phrases – IN

Prepositional Phrases – IN in English;

Prepositional Phrases List - IN

in detail

in manner

in measure

in point

in numbers

in respect

in turn

in town

in silence

in safety

in pain

in practice

in mind

in time

in deman

in difficulty

in sight

in a hurry

in advance

in abundance

in season


The book described it in detail.

He was elected in that manner.

The problem is in large measure.

These letters are in 6 point.

It is produced in vast numbers.

It is different in many respects.

They spoke in turn.

She was born in a small town.

The students listened in silence.

She is right, in a sense.

Are you in pain?

In practice, it is a disaster.

You have to keep that in mind.

He will forget it in time.

Good teachers are in demand.

We are in financial difficulty.

The end is finally in sight for me.

Are you in a hurry?

We bought it in advance.

They had wine in abundance.

Fruits are cheaper in season.