Verbs + Prepositions – FOR & TO

Verbs + Prepositions – FOR & TO, verbs + prepositions list in english;

Verbs + Prepositions – FOR & TO


Account for
Apply for
Arrange for
Apologize for
Approve for
Ask for
Arrest for
Beg for
Blame for
Care for
Excuse for
Exchange for
Fight for
Forgive for
Hope for
Long for
Mistake for
Pay for
Pray for
Prepare for
Praise for
Provide for
Punish for
Room for
Search for
Stand for
Substitute for
Thank for
Use for
Wait for



Add to
Adjust to
Admit to
Appeal to
Belong to
Compare to
Confess to
Contribute to
Dedicate to
Devote to
Drink to
Explain to
Get married to
Listen to
Object to
React to
Refer to
Reply to
Respond to
See to
Speak to
Subscribe to
Sentence to
Talk to
Turn to
Write to