Words Used Instead of VERY

English Different Words Used Instead of VERY;

Words Used Instead of VERY in English

Very Afraid Fearful
Very Angry Furious
Very Bad Awful
Very Beautiful Gorgeous
Very Big Massive
Very Boring Dull
Very Bright Luminous
Very Busy Swamped
Very Careful Cautious
Very Cold Freezing
Very Colorful Vibrant
Very Creative Innovative
Very Dangerous Perilous
Very Difficult Arduous
Very Easy Effortless
Very Fat Obese
Very Good Excellent
Very Huge Colossal
Very Hungry Starving
Very Important Crucial
Very Interesting Captivating

Very Little Tiny
Very Long Extensive
Very Nice Kind
Very Noisy Deafening
Very Often Frequently
Very Old Ancient
Very Poor Destitute
Very Pretty Beautiful
Very Rich Wealthy
Very Sad Sorrowful
Very Short Brief
Very Simple Basic
Very Small Petite
Very Strong Forceful
Very Sure Certain
Very Tall Towering
Very Tasty Delicious
Very Tired Exhausted
Very Ugly Hideous
Very Wide Expansive
Very Worry Distressed