Simple Past Tense Example Sentences in English

English Simple Past Tense Positive, Negative, Question Example Sentences in English;

simple past tense example sentences in english

Simpe Past Tense Positive Example Sentences

He met his wife 6 years ago.

I graduated from the university.

They watched a movie yesterday.

You went to the bed early.

She studied in the library.

They had dinner last night.

The police found some clues.

I became a teacher two years ago.

He felt sad yesterday.

We made a cake for you.


Simpe Past Tense Negative Example Sentences

He didn’t meet her.

I didn’t graduate.

They didn’t watch a movie.

You didn’t go to the bed early.

She didn’t study in the library.

They didn’t have dinner.

The police didn’t find any clues.

I didn’t become a teacher.

He didn’t feel sad yesterday.

We didn’t make a cake for you.


Simpe Past Tense Question Example Sentences

Did he meet her ?

Did I graduate ?

Did they watch a movie ?

Did you go to the bed early ?

Did she study in the library ?

Did they have dinner last night ?

Did the police find any clues ?

Did I become a teacher ?

Did he feel sad yesterday ?

Did we make a cake for you ?