Modal Verbs – Can

Using Modal Verbs – Can in english;

Modal Verbs - Can in English

Using Can – Permission

to ask for or give permission

Example Sentence; 

You can use my pencils.


Using Can – Possibility

to express possibility

Example Sentence; 

He can guess why she is angry.


Using Can – Ability

to talk about ability to do sth in the present or future

Example Sentence; 

We can dance very well.


Using Can – Request

to make requests ( in questions)

Example Sentence; 

Can we have her address?


Using Can – Offer

to make offers ( in questions )

Example Sentence; 

Can I do anything for you?


Using Can – General Truths

to talk about sth that is usually true, not always.

Example Sentence; 

Exercise can help reduce stress.


Using Can – Suggestion

to make suggestion

Example Sentence; 

If you want, we can drink sth.