Time Expressions in English

Time Expressions in English, time expressions, using in, on and at in time expressions;

Time Expressions in English


At 8 o’clock
At midday
At noon
At dusk
At dawn
At night
At the weekend
At Christmas
At Souther
At the moment
At that time
At the beginning
At the end
At breakfast
At dinnertime


On Sunday
On January 3rd
On the 10th
On the first day
On the last day
On my birthday
On Christmas day
On West day
On holiday
On my wedding day
On that day
On Tuesday night
On a Summer evening
On Saturday


In the morning
In the afternoon
In the evening
In January
In December
In the Summer
In 1995
In the 1970’s
In the seventies
In the 21st century
In the past
In the future
In 16 year’s time
In the Christmas holiday
In four hours