Prepositional Phrases List in English

Prepositional Phrases List in English in English

prepositional phrases list in english

Prepoisitonal Phrases – IN

in time

in demand

in difficulty

in sight of

in a hurry

in a mess

in a sense

in action

in advance

in of use

in of season

in aid of

in abundance


Prepositional Phrases – ON

on schedule

on balance

on the air

on a trip

on account of

on an island

on average

on edge

on fire

on hand

on order

on purpose


Prepositional Phrases – AT

at risk

at a distance

at any rate

at least

at night

at noon

at once

at peace

at war

at times

at work

at sea


Prepositional Phrases – FOR

for a reason

for certain

for good

for life

for lack of

for a change

for love

for hire

for want of

for experience

for my

for fear of


Prepositional Phrases – BY

by chance

by accident

by all means

by birth

by definition

by desing

by force

by heart

by law

by mistake

by no means

by order of

by way of