Prepositional Phrases in English

Prepositional Phrases in English, prepositional phrases list in english;

Prepositional Phrases in English


By chance

By cheque

By day

By design

By far

By hand

By heart

By law

By now

By post

By request

By right

By surprise

By auction

By birth



At a guess

At hand

At least

At length

At the moment

At school

At times

At the top of

At the weekend

At work

At the age of

At all cost

At the end

At fault

At first

At first sight



In case

In cash

In debt

In detail

In difficulty

In front of

In fact

In future

In love

In tears

In time

In town

In a mess

In a way

In action

In advance (of)



For life

For love

For a moment

For the moment

For short

For the time being

For a walk

For a while

For a change

For ever

For example

For fun

For good

For ages

For breakfast

For certain



On the floor

On a page

On an island

On the left/right

On a map

On the Internet

On the ceiling

On the door

On the table

On the wall