Contractions With Subjects in English

English Contractions With Subjects List;

Contractions With Subjects in English

Be Have
I I am = I’m I have = I’ve
You You are = You’re You have = You’ve
He He is = He’s He has = He’s
She She is = She’s She has = She’s
It It is = It’s It has = It’s
We We are = We’re We have = We’ve
They They are = They’re They have = They’ve
That That is = That’s That has = That’s
These These are = These’re These have = These’ve
There There is = There’s There has = There’s
Who Who is = Who’s Who has = Who’s
What What are = What’re What have = What’ve
Where Where is = Where’s Where has = Where’s
When When is = When’s When has = When’s
Why Why is = Why’s Why has = Why’s
How How are = How’re How have = How’ve


Had Will
I had = I’d I will = I’ll
You You had = You’d You will =You’ll
He He had = He’d He will = He’ ll
She She had = She’d She will = She’ll
It It had = It’d It will = It’ll
We We had = We’d We will = We’ll
They They had = They’d They will = They’ll
That That had = That’d That will = That’ll
These These had = These’d These will = These’ ll
There There had = There’d There will = There’ll
Who Who had = Who’d Who will = Who’ll
What What had = What’d What will = What’ll
Where Where had = Where’d Where will = Where’ ll
When When had = When’d When will = When’ ll
Why Why had = Why’d Why will = Why’ ll
How How had = How’d How will = How’ ll


I I would = I’d
You You would =You’d
He He would = He’ d
She She would = She’d
It It would = It’d
We We would = We’d
They They would = They’d
That That would = That’d
These These would = These’ d
There There would = There’d
Who Who would = Who’d
What What would = What’d
Where Where would = Where’ d
When When would = When’ d
Why Why would = Why’ d
How How would = How’ d

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