Zero Conditionals

Zero Conditionals, definitions and example sentences in english;

Zero Conditionals, Definitions and Example Sentences

Zero Conditionals

If + Condition + Result

If + Simple Present Tense + Simple Present Tense 

Using Zero Conditionals;

  • General Truths
  • Habits
  • Real World
  • Scientific Facts, etc.

Example Sentences with Zero Conditionals (If clauses type zero)

  • If it rains, the ground gets wet.
  • If I cry, I have a headache.
  • Ifyou mix yellow and blue, you get green.
  • If you are tired, you go to bed early.
  • If you leave the object, it drops
  • If you pour oil on water, it floats.
  • If you smoke, you get old early.
  • If you leave the object, it drops.